Testimonial of Luke Soriquez - DBTI Makati

Luke D. Soriquez

Batch 2014 – Architect Licensure Examination I was in Industrial Drafting for my final two years in DBTI and it has been such a huge advantage coming into Architecture school and has been a huge stepping stone into junior architecture work. No doubt the experience will continue to guide me now that I’m a licensed Read More

Testimonial of Jamin Hernandez - DBTI Makati

Jamin Aaron M. Hernandez

Batch 2014 – Architecture Licensure Examination Architecture is a broad profession composed of different disciplines. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but Don Bosco Makati has taught me the basic technical knowledge, principles, strategies and the right mentality to face all of it. Doing ordinary things extraordinarily and choosing the better things throughout college and apprenticeship Read More

Testimonial of Chriscel Caberte - DBTI Makati

Chriscel John Caberte

Industrial Drafting Technology Batch 2013 – Architecture Licensure Exam “My goal of being an Architect started in DBTI. We were exposed with practicing on technical drafting and I fell in love in developing and conceptualizing different forms. By the time I was introduced the idea of architecture, Industrial drafting Shop opened up, solidified my passion Read More